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Offers jobs to students studying

Information Technology Business and Commerce Law Design & UX



Should only people with a digital/ICT background apply to the programme?

"No. I was worried as I did not come from a digital/technical background. I now realize you don’t need a technical background, if you have an understanding of the technical details of the project at a high level and are willing to learn, there are many project areas that you can work in" (Lisa Zondag, former GTT Graduate)

What kind of work will you be doing?

"It has totally thrown out my original career aspirations. Every day another idea of what I could do comes up and broadens my thoughts. I have thought of doing UX, Project delivery, Programme management, Policy, Change Mgmt, the list just goes on". (Kate Forward, former GTT Graduate).

What’s the culture like in Government?

Every agency is a little different from the next. You're guaranteed to meet welcoming, fun (yes fun) and hardworking people who love that their work creates value for NZ'ers.