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Graduate Programme

Training and Development

As a graduate, you’ll get the regular, structured training required to become a professionally qualified, trusted business adviser, starting with a national induction in Auckland. Your induction will give you an understanding of our firm, our strategy and direction, and the opportunity to meet senior leaders from the business.

You will be given a range of assignments to give you a breadth of experience, along with variety in client sizes and sectors to build your tool kit. There will also be opportunities to specialise in other areas of the business in the future.

Mentoring and support

You will be assigned a mentor who will work with you to sign-off your practical experience requirements for your qualification. To support you on your journey of learning, you’ll be allocated a buddy, who will be the person you can ask questions on a daily basis if needed. They will also help you on your daily work assignments until you are confident enough to go at it alone. Your manager will also be there to support you and give you regular feedback on your performance.

Salary and Benefits

Everyone at Grant Thornton enjoys a competitive salary based on local market rates and the cost of living. We also provide our new graduates with a starting bonus. As you study towards your professional qualification, either CA or CPA, the firm will pay for your membership fees, module registration fees, provide paid study leave, have subject matter experts available to answer questions and provide workshops to help you cement your learning.

You will also be given a paid volunteer day and time off for your graduation.

Graduate conference

We host an annual conference for our new graduates which is a great opportunity to network with your peers, partners and other team members. This event will give you an opportunity to learn about the inner workings of Grant Thornton and complete a variety of activities using real work examples and case studies. You can also practice your networking skills, learn about other divisions and pick up some tips and tricks that will help you to reach your potential at exponential rates. You’ll also have a lot of fun.

Additional opportunities are also available throughout the year to attend professional networking events, team and staff meetings, and our social functions.

Career Progression

Career progression is determined by a system of meritocracy which comprises a regular annual appraisal cycle. This ensures that individuals are working towards their own personal development goals, and that these goals contribute to the firm’s overall strategic direction.

Ongoing feedback is also provided which means team members can measure how they are progressing towards their goals. It also serves as a basis for establishing career paths and eligibility for promotion.