The privately owned Hynds Group is New Zealand’s premier product supplier for the management of water and water based waste.

Founded in 1973, today Hynds are the supply partner of choice for New Zealand’s civil construction industry, specialising in water and infrastructure based solutions.

The group employ over 750 people across New Zealand and Australia and includes concrete, metal and plastic manufacturing; product importation; distribution and trade supply.

Our values ensure we build long term relationships based on trust, leading the industry with innovation, and putting our people and our customers at the very heart of what we do.

Hynds’ extensive range of products provide fully integrated solutions for civil drainage, watermain, environmental and rural applications. Our nationwide team of technical experts work with contractors, consultants and councils to design customised solutions for complex drainage, water supply and waste treatment situations.

Sky Tower Legs2

Hynds Pipe Systems is the largest operating unit within the Hynds Group of Companies, incorporating seven manufacturing plants, a nationwide team of Engineered Product Managers, Contract Account Managers, and a network of 33 merchant branches throughout New Zealand.

Employing over 500 people, Hynds Pipe Systems remain committed to quality management and accredited operating systems.

For more than four decades, we’ve partnered with many of New Zealand’s largest infrastructure projects, and provided some of the most innovative precast concrete structures in the world. Think big! The legs of Auckland’s Sky Tower is just one example.




We’re proud to employ more than 600 talented people on both sides of the Tasman and our people work hard to live the Hynds’ values.

We support ongoing individual development, encourage creativity and work together as a team to deliver positive change with industry-leading, sustainable solutions.

Hynds Pipe Systems A Place Where People Matter

Hynds Pipe Systems Do Whats Right

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