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Offers jobs to students studying




We are committed to investing in growing future leaders who will help take this iconic New Zealand brand into the future.

What can you expect?

Right from day one, you will be working in a dedicated role adding value to the business and growing the foundations of a great career.  Of course, you will have the flexibility to move around based on your skills, expertise, and aspirations, but you can also be assured that you’ll be contributing to Hynds and building your future from your first day on the job.


Where you can build your career with Hynds

  • As part of the national engineering team, working with our chartered engineers at the forefront of our new innovative products, as well as improving current product design.
  • With our sales team, working with customers to find solutions, before they know what they need. Get out on site and work with our contractors to construct some of the most innovative precast concrete structures in the world.
  • In product engineering, as part of one of our production teams increasing our manufacturing quality, efficiencies and safety systems.  Contribute to our competitive edge by taking on projects that include quality assurance and management of manufacturing initiatives.
  • With our category management team, an integral part of our national engineering team.  These engineers are involved in a product category, managing technical design, sales, and marketing of a large range of products including environmental (waste and stormwater), pressure, precast, and spun products.