About Insight Marketing

Insight Marketing provides solutions for clients looking to add value to their brand through the face-to-face channel. To put it simply we recruit, coach and engage people for existing clients that don’t have the time, money or experience to do this themselves. The direct result is more customers, driving more revenue for the brand we represent.

We specialise in events sales in the areas below:

  • Speciality sites/sporting events
  • Event sites/malls
  • Business to business

What we offer:

  • Fun and upbeat environment
  • Travel opportunities
  • Sales mechanic coaching
  • Team management coaching
  • Business ownership coaching

Insight's Goals

We want to expand both nationally and internationally. Our organisation is looking to expand to five further locations, which will require new motivated people who want a chance to grow.

To achieve our goals, we require: 

  • Expansion of 5 new businesses
  • Expand into international markets 
  • A sales team of 100         
  • The launch of new campaigns and clients

Take a look at our website and social media accounts to find out more about Insight!



We have a range of different career opportunities and a strong focus on developing people’s careers within our own development system, this means we cater for people with different job and career aspirations.

The three areas we focus on are:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Team management and coaching
  • Business ownership training

Sales and marketing

Our first focus with anyone starting a career with Insight is teaching them the fundamental mechanics of sales and marketing, this is a great chance to learn new skills or add to their existing knowledge. The sales and marketing phase is suitable for those looking for three to six months experience in the industry, and those wanting something long term. Some of our senior sales team have been working with Insight for four plus years.

Team management and coaching

This is an opportunity within Insight for those who want to move into a team coaching role, these people would be advanced the title of team leader within the business and would be responsible for managing their own team. Mentoring would be supplied from Insight to develop managing and coaching skills.

Business ownership training

This is the level for those who have business goals, we teach people the skills required to run a business. For those that want to start their own business within the sales and marketing industry, we can support them with the requirements to do so.

Experience required?

We do not require people to have experience in the sales and marketing industry as our team can provide all the necessary training required, however we do look for people who are motivated, fun, and like to learn!


Managing director

  • Prior to starting Insight: Studying, Bachelor of Commerce (Otago University)
  • Hobbies: Rugby/Any sport
  • Favourite movie: Gladiator 
  • Fav food: Chinese 
  • Fav Superhero: Batman
  • Man Crush: Chris Hemsworth (he's a tank)


Team leader

  • Prior to starting: Hospo / Rugby League
  • Hobbies: Rugby League 
  • Favourite movie: Friday 
  • Fav food: Mince on Toast 
  • Fav Superhero: Antman (the only superhero shorter than Henry) 
  • Man Crush: Justin Hodges (old NRL grub)



  • Prior to starting: Psychology student
  • Hobbies: Reading and socializing
  • Fav food: Chinese food
  • Fav superhero: Captain America
  • Girl crush: Scarlett Johansson

Insight Marketing



High School

Research careers and companies

First year of tertiary study

Attend careers and employer events

Second to last year of tertiary study

Apply for internships and research graduate jobs

Last year of tertiary study

Apply for graduate jobs and programmes or consider post-graduate study

Job Openings

Sales and Marketing Opportunities

Offers jobs to students studyingHiring now

Marketing and Sales

Hospitality, Sports and Tourism