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Induction and Business Familiarisation

You'll spend 3-4 weeks getting a full induction (business familiarisation), which will include traveling to spend time in different KiwiRail locations across NZ. At the end of the business familiarisation, as a group, you will be expected to deliver a learning outcome.


In total you'll spend time in many different rotations, giving you solid exposure to our diverse organization. The rotation phases will include structured learning components and work outputs, consisting of a mix of both project and BAU work.

Training and Events

Training and/or events will occur formally on a quarterly basis, and informally as required. This includes training that all graduates will participate in, and also tailored training specific to your own development needs and the needs of your Business Unit.

Performance and Remuneration Review

Formal performance reviews will occur on a 6 monthly basis. These will be based on pre-determined criteria around your behaviour, how well you demonstrate our KiwiRail values, your achievement of KPIs and feedback from your stakeholders. We'll seek feedback from your Business Unit manager, rotation supervisors/managers. The satisfactory performance will result in you achieving pay increments.

Mentors and Buddies

To support you along your Graduate journey you will be given a buddy and a Mentor. It's important that we achieve the right "fit" and the support arrangement is working well, so we'll review the mentor and buddy relationship after 3 months.