At Kulture Group, we attribute our success to a quality client base and a fresh, innovative working environment which allows for the growth and development of our sales representatives.

Why Work with UsWe believe sales is essential for any person in any industry to advance themselves. We provide great opportunities for people from all work and life backgrounds to develop confidence, communication and sales skills, and business acumen.

We are professional, and we foster a fun, fresh working environment. We have a collaborative approach to people development with the belief a balance of passion and professionalism enables delivery of quality work and skill.

Why work with us 2There are two ways people can utilize the opportunities within the company, either through our Business Development Program by working their way up through the business OR joining on a short term 3-6 month basis to gain the sales and communication skills needed to further oneself in their chosen field. We have had doctors, engineers, hotel managers and IT specialists that have joined to take advantage of these two opportunities.


Kulture Group is a New Zealand-based direct sales and marketing company, and a franchise of the multi-national sales and marketing company Aida Group.

Since its establishment in 2012, Kulture Group has quickly developed a reputation for unprecedented quality customer acquisition for its clients while exceeding sales targets. Within the Aida Group, Kulture Group is recognized as one of the leading franchises in terms of its dedication to quality acquisition, professionalism and internal growth.

Kulture Group currently offers face-to-face sales channels including residential door-to-door solutions, street fundraising, business-to-business solutions and promotional/kiosk events. We work with a wide range of clients across numerous industries including telecommunications, not-for-profit, utilities and more.

Our vision for the next five years is simple, to develop and grow our company even further towards its full potential. For us, this will be two more national offices and at least three new franchise owners who are a result of progressing through our Business Development Programme.

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Attend careers and employer events

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Apply for internships and research graduate jobs

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