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Become a Mainfreight Leader, join a team that strives to help continue Mainfreight’s growth in a global market. Rise to the challenge and the world’s your oyster!

The Mainfreight Development Programme seeks those willing to get stuck in and are keen to embrace all kinds of challenges and new experiences.

Our development programme

Roll up your sleeves for a practical and hands-on learning experience at the core of our business. Bringing value to your role, team, branch you will have the ability to grab opportunities with both hands and help paint the world Mainfreight blue. Loading freight into trucks and trains, coordinating with international customers importing freight into New Zealand, and dispatching orders around the country – these are a few of the different responsibilities you might do in your first year of Mainfreight. A real job with real responsibility and real benefits! Mainfreight promotes from within, we like to keep it in the family! What you learn in your first year is indispensable for the future.

Our Development Programme doesn’t end after two years. It continues throughout your Mainfreight career. Everyone’s journey is different and that’s the beauty of it. Each team member brings something different to the table and that unique perspective helps drive our business forward.

For the first 9-14 months, you could be a part of:

  • Our Transport team who ensure our customers freight makes it from A to B around NZ
  • Our Warehousing team storing, picking and dispatching orders nationally and internationally
  • Our Air & Ocean team importing and exporting freight via sea and air

So where can I go in the future? After you’ve proved yourself the Mainfreight world is your oyster. The opportunities for growth are endless within Mainfreight, offering positions in Sales, Operations, Customer Services, Supply Chain Management, Management, IT, Training & Development and many others nationally and overseas. The key to being influential in these areas is to utilise the time on the floor and learning what makes our business tick.

If this sounds like something you can throw yourself into then look no further than Mainfreight