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Joining the Mars New Zealand Graduate program will kick off 2 rewarding years packed with great experiences, opportunities and learning. Our program is designed to build both your functional and technical skills, as well as providing you with stretching leadership opportunities to prepare you for an exciting career.
Throughout the program you will be given real jobs, with real responsibilities, from the start. You will start out in our Auckland field sales team, which involves building relationships within both Foodstuffs and Woolworths NZ stores to ensure excellent brand availability. Following this, we’ll work together to understand your development needs and ambitions to navigate your future rotation. We are committed to helping you grow, not just professionally but personally too.
You will be set up for success, with comprehensive onboarding and induction, and will continue to be provided plenty of training and development opportunities locally, and through our own Mars University.
As a future leader of our business, we are looking for a recent graduate that is naturally collaborative, curious, and eager to gain a breadth of different experiences to broaden their business understanding. You’ll be a learner, grower and continuous improver, and have a real drive for results.

We’re looking for people that are:

Mars are looking for people who are naturally collaborate and curious, initiative and challenge takers, accountable and results focused, learners, growers and continuous improves, and recently undergrad degree qualified (within 3 years from programme start)