We’re the real deal.

We’ve been in the south since 1874. Our firm is built on the sturdy southern values of trust, loyalty, friendliness, honesty and reliability. And, of course, doing great stuff for our clients.

We’re a full-service accounting and business advisory company with a strong client base regionally and nationally.

We lead in servicing the primary and service industries in the south. Our bread and butter is working with clients in industries that include farming, fishing, forestry, tourism, processing, manufacturing, transportation and construction.

To do our best for our clients, we need to absolutely `get’ what makes their business tick. Collectively our staff have a powerful wealth of expert knowledge that builds success.

It’s not only about the numbers – enduring partnerships built on integrity and trust are what really get results. Many of our team are fully involved in their local communities through community work or sport.

We have offices in Invercargill, Queenstown and Te Anau. 

There’s loads more information about us on our website www.mcp.co.nz.


McCulloch + Partners


High School

Research careers and companies

First year of tertiary study

Attend careers and employer events

Second to last year of tertiary study

Apply for internships and research graduate jobs

Last year of tertiary study

Apply for graduate jobs and programmes or consider post-graduate study

Offers jobs to students studying