Melbourne Training Associates was established by two entrepreneurial teachers from New Zealand and the United Kingdom. We saw the need to provide personalised and effective teacher training, development and career opportunities in our part of the world. 

We specialise in training, supporting and developing English language teachers in their teaching journey. We run the Cambridge University CELTA, and place teachers in roles in China. We also provide networks for jobs in South America, Europe and Asia, as well as locally.

Since 2010, we have trained over 1,000 English language teachers, who are teaching all over the world. We stay in touch with our graduates, continuing to help them find work and professional development opportunities.

To find out more about MTA, check out our website.

If you would like to join MTA and start your own teaching journey, send us an email to info@melbtraining.com.au for a friendly chat.


Melbourne Training Associates is working to attract the most talented and diligent graduates to be placed in public school roles (from Kindergarten through to High School) throughout China. Our partner in China will provide practical support with initial airport pick up, accommodation, guidance and support in settling into life in China. They will introduce you to other teachers and ensure you are able to adjust and enjoy a fun and interesting lifestyle.

What’s on offer:

  • 1-year teaching contract
  • Opportunities in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Wuhan
  • Free return flights
  • Free accommodation – fully furnished and within walking distance to your school
  • Health insurance
  • Free Mandarin lessons & Chinese curriculum training
  • Competitive salary


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