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Market Gardeners Ltd is a leading supplier of locally grown and imported fresh produce within New Zealand. A grower co-operative with a successful record of marketing, distributing and selling a comprehensive range of fresh fruit and vegetables. Working closely with New Zealand retail chains and independent outlets to provide top quality produce, both domestically grown and imported - Including leading global brands Dole and Sunkist. MG Marketing is a global company with businesses in Australia, USA and JV partnerships in exporting as well as involvement in the NZ flower industry.





Our community

Our signature programmes include Grower Workshops, Graduate Programme, Sales Academy Programme and our Director Internship. These programmes are an excellent way to engage with our growers, attracting new talent to the business and developing existing resources.



MG Marketing Wellness programme is available to all staff to suit their personal needs. It is also available to staff’s family members, ensuring not only our employees are happy and healthy at work but also at home. It gives employees access to health and wellbeing information, discount offers, recipes, health blogs, exercise ideas and challenges.

At MG we strongly believe a healthy, happy employee is a productive, engaged employee!


The goal of our MG Sustainability project is to be viewed as a leader in sustainable practice within the produce industry.  We currently have five aspects we are focusing on People, Waste, Packaging, Refrigeration and Electricity. 


Our Internal Academy Programme works alongside the Graduate Programme to develop staff that are already employees of MG Marketing and have shown interest in progressing within the company.

Promotion or recruitment from within is also incredibly important to our business. When new roles become available at MG, we will always advertise this role internally giving our own people a chance before advertising externally to fill the roll.

We offer different training opportunities throughout the year and use an external trainer to develop their skills. We have partnered closely with different educational providers to provide these high-quality programmes.

Our people are our largest asset so by developing and improving their skills and knowledge, we will not only make the business more profitable but more important, our people happier.

The produce industry is one of the fastest-moving industries in the world, and MG Marketing prides itself on being a leader in such a changeable market - we are continually developing ourselves in response to our customer's needs.

To stay ahead of the field and to meet the changing needs of our diverse customer base on an ongoing basis, we focus on our people - ensuring we have the best people working with us and that we continually build their capabilities.


Because our employees are vital to our success, we promote a culture at MG that everyone can contribute to and share in the resulting benefits. In this environment, we offer newcomers every opportunity to learn on the job and advance with a rewarding career in the fresh produce industry.  

We also have a strong Health and Safety culture and place enormous value on not only the safety of our staff but also their wellbeing and health.

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