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Meet some of our Graduates

Meet our graduates

Adam Carter

Join the Ministy of Education Graduate Programme!

“I joined the Ministry’s graduate programme in January 2020 after completing an MA in Philosophy at the University of Otago. Having the chance to apply the critical thinking skills gained from my studies to a field that has had such an impact on my own life has been really rewarding. The graduate programme strikes a great balance between on the job learning, policy workshops, and opportunities to build relationships with passionate people.”

Kathryn Cammell

Join the Ministy of Education Graduate Programme!

My undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Arts in History and Criminology, and I’ve recently completed my Master of Arts in History. My Arts degree taught me research, writing and critical thinking skills which are all important for policy work.

I’ve always been quite passionate about education and so I was keen to work in this space. The graduate programme also appealed to me because of the professional development opportunities, including rotations so we can experience different aspects of education policy.

The work I’m doing is interesting and varied, and I’ve been involved on important policy issues from day one.