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Elizabeth Murray

“I completed a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts – majoring in Political Science & International Relations and History at the University of Auckland.

I’ve really enjoyed the structure of the graduate program, where you have two nine-month rotations across policy teams. These rotations are long enough that you’re able to do meaningful work in both teams, while still allowing you to experience two different areas of policy. My rotations were in two very different teams: the Education Infrastructure Service policy that works on school property policy, and then in the Governance, Legislation and Accountability team where I’ve mainly worked on the legislation. It’s been great to have a mix between working in an area I knew nothing about, to begin with, and was able to learn a lot from, and then work in an area that I’m really interested in.

The highlight of my graduate programme so far has been working on a Bill as it passes through Parliament. Watching the political process play out on a piece of legislation you’ve helped work on is really interesting. Plus it’s been a real treat to be able to go to Select Committee and Parliament itself to see it all happen live”

Eleanor McGechie

"Before starting as a graduate at the Ministry I completed a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice Performance and then completed an Honours degree in Conducting and Music Studies.  I’ve always seen education as an important part of my musical journey, so the opportunity to engage with education from a policy perspective was a welcome one.  It was common for people to worry about what I would do with my music degree.  However, degrees teach analytical skills, teamwork, research processes, and time management.  I knew that these transferable skills would be integral no matter where I ended up working.  These skills are essential to policy, and the notion of personal excellence contributing to group excellence underpins all the work that we do.

The graduate programme offers a wealth of opportunities for personal development; as well as learning on the job, we attend numerous workshops and training days which all contribute to a broadening skill set.  I particularly enjoy attending Waiata group and Te Reo classes, and working with a variety of engaging and capable people."