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MSD Policy is the Government's principal advisor of social policy advice that addresses the long-standing and emerging social issues impacting on New Zealander's wellbeing.

Policy's work ranges from children through to our most senior of citizens. Our policies help influence and touch the lives of many New Zealanders.

Some key areas of policy work include welfare reform, affordable housing, skills shortages, youth development, managing international pension agreements, and child poverty.

The Policy branch brings together the Ministry’s policy functions in one place and is an integrated, professional and thought-leading provider of advice to the Government.

The branch provides strategic policy advice across a range of topics and issues including employment, income support, public housing, the transition of young people to adulthood, initiatives to support families and communities, issues faced by people with a disability, challenges, and opportunities of an aging population, and social sector initiatives.

As a graduate in the Policy Group you can be working in any of the following groups:

Community and Family Policy
The Community and Families Policy group provides policy advice on communities, youth, and people with disabilities, and family violence and sexual violence.

Employment and Income Support Policy
The Employment and Income Support group work on issues associated with employment including reducing barriers to employment for people with disabilities. It also ensures New Zealand has a fair and robust benefits system.

Seniors and International Policy
The Seniors and International Policy group provides advice to Ministers on issues relating to New Zealand’s aging population, retirement income policy including New Zealand Superannuation, International Social Security Agreements and New Zealand's international obligations including those to the United Nations and the OECD.