2020 Norman Disney Young Graduate Program







Auckland / Wellington


1 month ago

Applications Open

12th February 2019 12:00pm

Applications Close

31st March 2019 11:59pm

NDY recognises you are unique and your development is essential to your success and future growth.

As an NDY graduate, we offer you a comprehensive two-year development program. Focused development activities will give you an opportunity to build the skills and knowledge essential for a successful career as a consultant engineer.

You will experience a program that offers:

  • Structured development workshops
  • Rotations through various engineering disciplines
  • Potential international rotations
  • Internal Development Opportunities
  • Support from an Online Learning Platform
  • The opportunity to lead community projects supporting various charities
  • The support of exceptional coaches, mentors and leaders.

A successful NDY Graduate you will;

Be passionate, ambitious and ready to start your career as a consultant engineer. You will be able to communicate effectively as your role will require you to engage and collaborate readily with various stakeholders. You will be able to be relied upon, accountable and responsible.

As an NDY graduate, you will thrive on developing your consultative skills that will complement your technical expertise.

You will have demonstrated your ability to balance work and involvement in other activities that you are passionate about (ie sports, clubs, volunteering).

NDY’s graduate online application process

There are typically six stages to making an application:

  1. Complete the application form. This includes academic achievement, personal information, career motivation, employment history, extenuating circumstances, language skills, extra-curricular activities and interests.
  2. Cognitive ability assessments that are designed to test verbal, numerical and logical reasoning skills.
  3. Video Interview where you will have the opportunity to tell us a bit more about yourself.
  4. Behavioural assessments that help us to understand your work style preferences and areas for development.
  5. Assessment Centre and Interviews:  Graduates progressing to this stage will be invited to attend a day long assessment centre. The day will consist of a series of group and individual activities.
  6. Reference checks will be conducted on successful graduates.

Our Eligibility

To be eligible for the 2020 Norman Disney & Young Graduate Program, we require you to meet the below criteria. You must:

  • Be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident at the time of submitting this application if applying for roles in Australia. Or you MUST be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or New Zealand Permanent Resident at the time of submitting this application if applying for roles in New Zealand.
  • Have completed your undergraduate or postgraduate degree within the last three years of the program start date (ie 2017, 2018, 2019 or January
  • Be eligible to commence in February 2020
  • Be willing to relocate to the role location you are applying to
  • Have a credit or above average GPA

In 2020, NDY graduate opportunities are as follows:


Discipline/s:  Electrical Engineering
Location/s: - Perth, Canberra (Australia)


Discipline/s:  Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineering
Location/s: Perth, Canberra (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand)


Discipline/s: Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Structural Engineering or Building Physics
Location/s: Auckland (New Zealand)

Fire Engineering

Discipline/s: Civil / Structural/ Building Engineering, Masters in Fire Engineering
Location/s: Wellington (New Zealand)


Discipline/s: Mechanical, Environmental Engineering, Building Physics, Sustainable/Energy Efficient Design
Location/s: Auckland (New Zealand)


Minimum Qualification Required

  • Bachelors Degree

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