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“We take pride in our awesome, approachable, open, team-oriented culture here at NZX. It’s nothing like the movies so don’t expect Wall Street when you walk through the doors. It’s an inviting environment where building relationships is easy and staff are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you – even our CEO who is always up for a chat.”

Students from Tauranga Boys High School on an NZX site visit hosted by our graduates (2019).

Briony Rogers-Daley

Operations Analyst | NZX Limited
NZX Wellington

How have you found working as a graduate for an essential business during 2020? 

Working for an essential business this year meant that there was never a dull day! New and exciting challenges were constantly popping up, and it made me grateful to work in such an amazing and supportive team, where there was nothing that couldn't be solved.


Sam Tohill

Data Analyst | NZX Limited
NZX Wellington

How is your time at NZX preparing you for your future career?

At NZX I have expanded and honed my skill set working across a range of different functions within the business and I have been challenged every day with complex problems to tackle. The skills I have acquired during my time here have accelerated my career growth.


Iris Hua

Data Analyst | NZX Limited
NZX Wellington

What's been the best part of your experience at NZX so far in the Graduate programme? 

NZX is a perfect place to work if you enjoy a fast working environment and being challenged daily. As a graduate at NZX, I hit the ground running by engaging with highly important tasks from my second day at NZX. I really enjoy it.


Richard Yap

Solicitor, Policy & Legal | NZX Limited
NZX Wellington


What advice would you give new graduates on what to expect when they start at NZX?

The NZX Graduate Programme has run for many years now, and has consistently trained and produced some really high performing achievers. To maximise your experience and to make the most out of the programme, I advise new graduates to never stop learning and to get out of your comfort zone. There will always be opportunities in NZX for anyone regardless of age and industry experience, so you must always be ready to raise your hand and rise to the challenge. Most importantly, enjoy the experience - it really is a great place to work!