Healthcare is rapidly becoming a data science, and we want your help to build the best solutions for organisations in their journey to population health and precision medicine.

Create a healthier world

Use your skills to design and build connected solutions within and across communities to improve the way people receive care and help them stay healthy and out of hospital.

Create a healthier world Anjuka
 Work with state of the art tech Team

Work with state-of-the-art tech

You will have the opportunity to explore the latest approaches to development from automation to containerisation, cloud servicing with AWS, and learn about our approach to machine learning.

Contribute to real projects

We encourage you to take ownership of your ideas, and provide you with the tools to contribute to real-world projects, bringing new products to market, building on existing solutions and improving the way healthcare is delivered all around the world.

 Contribute to real projects Aaron


How we work

We believe that by being open with everyone, courageous in all we do and trusting each other that we can create software that helps people receive personalised care.


Value Open Value Trusted Value Courageous

We deliver better results together than on our own.

When we trust people to do the right thing, they will.

There is always a better or simpler way.

That’s why we are open and curious, we ask and listen, we value other people’s ideas and share our knowledge, we look to learn and grow, and support others to, and we relish working with anyone who can help improve our results.

So we never exclude or isolate, we’re never rude, and we never silo or behave like heroes.

We trust each other, and we each repay that trust by delivering on our promises, and by doing the right thing with integrity, honesty and respect. Colleagues, clients, clinicians and citizens trust us to unleash their success.

So we never act in self-interest, over promise or chase profit.

We have the courage to think at the edge, push boundaries, explore new ideas; to fail sometimes; to challenge and be challenged; and the persistence and attention to detail to craft simpler, better outcomes in all our work.

So we never over complicate, cut corners or point fingers.

By being open with everyone, courageous in all we do, and acting in ways that mean we are trusted by others, we will become a company that people clamour to work for, and that customers flock to do business with.

Who we are

Orion Health is a global company that develops software to drive efficiency in healthcare and improve healthcare outcomes. We deliver technology solutions for integration, population health management and precision medicine.


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