At Orora we are passionate about our business and how we serve our customers.

NZ MAP ORORA SITES3We are united by a common set of values, while our strategic goals define how we work and the decisions we make.

At the heart of Orora are our people – people who are experts in their field and are committed to building a market-leading business.

Our Story Worldwide

With 43 manufacturing plants and 88 distribution centres across seven countries and 6,700 team members, we supply packaging products and services to the grocery, fast moving consumer goods and industrial markets. Our customers include some of the world’s best known brands in these sectors.

Our Story in New Zealand

We have three major divisions spread across the country, which include – Beverages, Cartons and our biggest division Fibre; spread throughout Auckland, Christchurch, Hastings and Mt Maunganui.

Fibre New Zealand

The Fibre division focuses on creating quality corrugated boxes for our customers. There is a lot involved in this process, including designing and planning for each client, as well as actually producing it. To achieve this, we have a large variety of people with different skills working with us, and of course with the help of machines and robots (!!!).

Our Staff

We like to have a diversified workforce, and our staff come from a vast range of backgrounds and locations around the world. Our staff are given special training from our machine’s suppliers who come in from Germany and France.

We also have staff who are here as a part of the Competenz program in printing, earning NZQA qualifications to help them step up in their careers.

Hear from Brian Lowe, Group General Manager, Orora Fibre Packaging, who talks about his business, how he works and what he values, individually and as part of the company.  

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