About Planit

For over 20 years, Planit has been at the forefront of software testing with an enviable reputation for professionalism in testing services and training.

Planit AnnaRecognised in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services for 2017/2018, Planit are experts in digital quality and the leading provider of testing solutions, services and training in Asia Pacific with over 1,400 permanent employees. Planit is built on the core principles of quality, innovation, passion, and collaboration.

Our customers include some of the biggest names in Australasian business and have had an ongoing relationship with Planit for a number of years.

Planit have recently added business analysis and technical testing to their portfolio of offerings, and are continually exploring new opportunities to build on our quality assurance expertise.


As a testing consulting partner with a reputation for success in all types of software testing and systems assurance for mainframe, client and web applications, we have the ability to define the overall direction for testing within an organisation and offer independent evaluation for ongoing improvement. As such, there is considerable scope within Planit to develop your career and play a more senior role in IT.

Managed Services

To manage varying demand for test resources on IT projects, we provide full test outsourcing, matching skills with client requirements. Planit employees work on some of Australasia’s most interesting and ground-breaking projects for blue chip clients.


To motivate, retain and develop staff, we provide training in software testing and business analysis at all levels including accredited ISTQB and BCS qualifications. It ensures we can provide productive and motivated testers, and a personal development structure that takes you further in your career.


Our staff are industry leaders in software testing and systems assurance – from automation to systems testing. They work with an international perspective, have cross-industry experience and come with a range of expertise at a range of levels up to ISTQB Vice President. Planit technical staff are supported by a network made up of HR, administration, marketing, accounts and receive ongoing support, training and mentoring from our seniors.

Companies we work with:

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Our Culture and Values

Now is a great time to join the Planit team and take advantage of one of IT’s fastest growing areas!

Planit JustinePlanit is Australasia’s largest independent software testing consultancy with a strong track-record in servicing many of the leading commercial organisations and government departments around the world, and more than 1400 staff in our Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Reading (UK) and Hyderabad (India) branches. We add value to our clients’ bottom line, increasing their return on technology by adding reliability and performance to the systems that run their businesses.

This added capacity means more opportunity to follow your desired career progression and work in an industry, role or location of your choosing.

Since beginning in 1997, we’ve seen the software testing industry mature into a valued and essential part of the software development lifecycle. Planit has contributed actively to this success through training, quality service delivery and initiatives such as the Planit Software Testing Index.

Being so heavily involved in the wider testing community gives us the unique capability to offer employees a continual learning path with exposure to the latest ideas, training and thinking in software testing with an international perspective.

We believe that in order to attract and retain the best, we need to give our staff the best. Our employees enjoy a positive work-life balance, ongoing personal support, and a structured career development program with full ISTQB certification in 12 months, to bring out your best.

That said, it’s not just about the work. Our open and friendly work place includes regular social events, a leisure and lifestyle benefits programme, and more.

Planit is a growing and dynamic organisation, and I’m confident we’ll only get bigger and better in the years to come. I look forward to the possibility of you joining the team and realising your long-term career goals.
Best regards,
Chris Carter
Managing Director
Planit Software Testing

"Quality people provide quality outcomes"

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