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The moment you become a member of the Mainfreight family, your career hits overdrive - if you want it to. Anything is possible here because you get to work right alongside the best people and make real-life decisions. We promote from within our own global pool of talent and give you the freedom to go as far as you dare.

At Mainfreight we are focused on growing our people in our own unique style. Whether you join us from school, university, or another job, our philosophy is the same: to hire people with the right attitude and passion, then help them develop the skills they need to succeed in our business, lead a team, a branch or a country one day.

The pace of our rapid global expansion is fuelled by the strength, adaptability and mobility of our team. Which is why we’re focused on helping you develop the professional and personal strategies, tools and life skills to step into any role in the business, anywhere in the world.

The Mainfreight Development Programme

The Mainfreight Development Programme offers you an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the diverse and fast-paced global industry that is Mainfreight! We aim to give a great depth of understanding and practical knowledge to develop your career with the potential for great leadership opportunities. Think you have got what it takes? Stay tuned!

Our Unique Culture

This is a people business. We don’t have a widget or a gadget, we’re in the service industry. You’re dealing with customers and with people in our own teams, and that comes with some emotional intelligence.
2013 | Don Braid, Group Managing Director

Our Development Programme

Our programme is open to School Leavers and Graduates, we are not like your average programme. We believe in giving everyone a practical and hands-on learning experience in order to really understand the nuts and bolts of the company. This is a real job where your contribution and team effort can make a real difference. You will begin working on the floor, at the core of our business. It allows you to experience the Mainfreight culture, understand the inner workings of the company, be a part of a team, and a vital cog in the Mainfreight blue machine.

Learning the company by being part of the operations, literally means starting in the depot or the warehouse and handling the freight. We are not bound by rigid rotations; we don’t hold your hand but do give support and guidance to help steer you in the direction that you want to head. There is a lot of freedom and flexibility to carve out your own career path with the support from mentors, Branch Managers, and other team members!

When can I start?

At Mainfreight, we work on rolling recruitment. This means that we do not have set intake dates for our Development Programme. When an opportunity becomes available with our team, we need great people to fill it as soon as possible! We take on School Leavers and Graduates throughout the year and try to match opportunities within our teams to when you finish your studies. It is a good idea to send your application in a few months before you finish at school or university to allow plenty of time.

  • If you are graduating at the end of the year, first have a look through our websites and videos to learn about our business and the Development Programme. Closer to when you do finish your studies you can then send in your CV and Cover Letter, we will have a better understanding what opportunities are available in our branches.
  • If you are in your final semester or have already graduated, send in your application now, given you have the Mainfreight qualities we are looking for there can be roles available for you to start asap!

Where in the world are we?

As the Mainfreight brand continues to grow and gain momentum overseas, the world’s trading marketplace becoming more and more global, and demand for Mainfreight’s services has never been higher. We’re opening up in new cities and new countries around the world, every few months.

A career with Mainfreight has the scope to take you to any part of our business in any one of these regions below. Prove yourself, develop your personal brand, and build a foundation of understanding of the Mainfreight business and the world can be your oyster.

We’re on a whirlwind journey – and we’re looking for talented, energetic people who can learn fast, grow and ultimately, lead our business into the future.

Are you up for it?

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