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Public Trust is one of New Zealand's largest and most experienced trustee services organisations.

We are best known for our expert wills and estate administration services, but also offer Kiwis a full range of estate planning services, including legal, financial, investment, trusts, and estate protection. Our specialist advice has helped thousands of families and businesses look after what’s important to them.

As a Crown Entity, we have an important role to play in guiding and supporting Kiwis, which we’re fulfilling by building a strong, sustainable and growing business. We want to be the best at what we do, so that New Zealanders get to enjoy the highest levels of preparedness and protection in the world.

We’re here to help New Zealanders preserve the present and secure the future. To support this, we’ve spent the last three years transforming our business to ensure we have the right culture, technology and structure in place to continue to be a trusted advisor throughout the lifetime of New Zealanders.



Who are CTSHeading

Corporate Trustee Services is a leading specialist corporate trustee company in New Zealand, with more than NZ$90 billion under trusteeship and supervision. We are part of Public Trust, and are New Zealand's sole Crown-owned trustee company.

Our focusHeading3

We focus on the corporate trustee market, and work with business customers and groups of investors on a wide range of public and private investment schemes. This includes managed funds, KiwiSaver schemes, superannuation schemes, corporate debt and custodial services.


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Our visionHeading

To be New Zealand’s first choice and fastest growing trustee services provider.

Our purposeHeading

To help New Zealanders preserve the present and secure the future.

Our promiseHeading

To earn our customers’ enduring trust.

What we believe inHeading

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  • Working together
  • Proactively guiding and supporting
  • Understanding what really matters
  • Being dependable
  • Acting commercially for the good of New Zealand

Standing by these beliefs ensures that customers sit at the very centre of everything we do.

How we show upHeading

Our five beliefs show up in how we behave, and help define the three behaviours that we think will ensure we’re able to deliver on our vision, purpose and promise to New Zealanders:









Problem Solving

Stepping up, taking ownership and accepting responsibility for commitments.


Put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and understand and share what they are feeling.            


Looking beyond the obvious to provide the most effective solutions for customers.




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