What we're all about

Public Trust

Offers jobs to students studying

Accounting Business and Commerce Law

To be New Zealand’s first choice and fastest growing trustee services, provider.
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To help New Zealanders preserve the present and secure the future.
To earn our customers’ enduring trust.

  • Working together
  • Proactively guiding and supporting
  • Understanding what really matters
  • Being dependable
  • Acting commercially for the good of New Zealand

Standing by these beliefs ensures that customers sit at the very center of everything we do.

Our five beliefs show up in how we behave and help define the three behaviors that we think will ensure we’re able to deliver on our vision, purpose, and promise to New Zealanders:


Stepping up, taking ownership and accepting responsibility for commitments.

Put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and understand and share what they are feeling.     
Problem Solving
Looking beyond the obvious to provide the most effective solutions for customers