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PwC is a large firm, with many people boasting different skills, from engineering to science, mathematics to technology, accounting, auditing and much more. We’re a diverse bunch, and you’ll have the opportunity to show us the real you as you complete important, rewarding work for clients. So, lets explore the PwC experience a little further.


nxtstep pwc innovation

Innovation is finding different, better ways to work.

In the past couple of years, PwC launched a number of ground-breaking innovations. Our award-winning Game of Threats™ cybersecurity activity helped organisations see their weakest points, the Assurance Experience Centre brought data to life, and PwC’s Next gave our advisers a platform to build more proactive, future-focused client relationships.

We’re aiming to make 2018 an even bigger year, as we continue to self-disrupt and innovate across our entire firm.


nxtstep pwc digital

Working in the digital dimension is an opportunity to answer brand-new questions.

PwC aims to help organisations put customers at the very centre of operations, whether that involves co-creation or user experience (UX). Last year, we had great success and started fascinating conversations with some of the most forward-thinking organisations in the country – from Spark to Stuff, Air New Zealand to ACC and Kiwibank to Lewis Road Creamery.

As the digital world continues to expand, we’re aiming to make New Zealand a truly digital environment.


nxtstep pwc culture

Culture is at the heart of every organisation, and determines the environment in which we work each day.

PwC is proud to have be accredited with the Rainbow Tick as recognition for our inclusion and diversity. We think you’re at your best when you feel like you belong as part of a team, whoever you are, enabling you to do the best work of your life.

If you’re enthusiastic and eager to learn, you’ll fit right in at PwC, and have a chance to show us the real you as part of a welcoming work environment.


nxtstep pwc technology

New Zealand is a technology playground for forward-thinking firms, with a large number of tech-savvy companies leading the way both locally and globally.

Every day, PwC works with New Zealand organisations trying to break new ground using an incredibly impressive array of technologies – from drones to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, 3D printing, robotics and much, much more.

Thanks to technology, the world is changing faster than ever. You can help lead New Zealand into a tech-filled tomorrow.


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