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Your career is just that. Yours. You choose it. You create it. You make it happen. To get the best start, you need the best opportunities. And with us, the opportunities are endless.



As the leading professional advisers in New Zealand, we’re working with the best clients on the best projects every day. Join us and you’ll tackle new challenges, achieve your goals and develop a career that stands out from the rest.

We’re focused on partnering with our clients to constantly create and add value.

It’s an inspiring backdrop to begin your career, whether you’re making a difference to public or private companies, regional and local government, high net worth individuals or charities.

Be part of something special. Choose your future at PwC.

Choose your own path

We’re a team of business advisers who work alongside our clients and build long-lasting relationships that create value. We also have the best programmes to launch your career from.

Sign up for a Summer Internship and find out what it’s like to work at PwC. Join us over the summer, for 10 to 12 weeks, and build your skills and confidence working with experts in the field you’re interested in.

Discover what a full-time role with us is all about, gain insight into our culture and get the best start to your career. Make a good impression and you could be heading back to University with a job offer.

If you’re ready to launch your career with commitment, focus and passion – apply for a Graduate role. We’re ready to give you our full support and invest in your future. 

Whether you’re in your final year of University or have recently finished your degree, we can help. You’ll build relationships and networks that’ll take you places and we’ll commit to continually develop and mentor you.

Work alongside great team members, managers and coaches who’ll support you along the way. Be provided with challenging projects and opportunities that will stretch you out of your comfort zone while developing and growing your career and your confidence.

We’ll financially support you through your exams and help you prepare fully with study and exam leave. But that’s not all…

The opportunity for new and exciting experiences are limitless. At PwC you’re choosing more than a place to launch your career, you’re choosing the opportunity to be part of an exciting journey within an evolving and market-leading business. Innovation, digital, technology and diversity is at the core of what we do, and you’ll get to explore your potential in these areas while helping our clients to grow and stay ahead of the constantly changing market.


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