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Strong Team Culture
People aren’t just important to our business …………….. you ARE our business!

Our focus on our recruitment, training, career mentoring, professional exam support and people development is geared towards helping you, as an individual, reach your potential, while still being a key part of our team.

As in the photo above from a recent RSM World Day event at Orakei where we gave back to the community and land by assisting with tree planting, we like to get stuck in and work together to achieve results. And then celebrate!!

Work hard, play hard

The natural cycle of our clients’ audit and assurance needs means that we have certain peak periods where we all pitch in to ensure we deliver excellence in respect of client service and the technical quality of our work. This challenge requires us all to develop superior time management and communication skills.

When it’s time to relax however, we take that seriously too. Having fun and socializing is an important part of our culture.

From Friday drinks to playing together in sports teams, mid-year and Christmas functions, special occasion celebrations, a bowls evening or sailing trip on the harbor, to representing the firm in external events (eg. Tough Guy and Gal Challenge, Charity Quiz nights), there is plenty for you to get involved in. 

Training and Professional Development

We focus heavily on training from the minute you start, and this continues on throughout your time with us.

Our training combines the benefits of having leading-edge RSM global training structured programmes, with the flexibility of tailored local training programmes delivered by experienced trainers.

Your first year will include intensive training in the first weeks you join, focused on the most fundamental technical understanding you need to get started. This includes accounting and audit fundamentals as well as familiarisation with the IT packages you will use as part of your everyday work. We also introduce you to the essential professional skills needed to work effectively with clients.

Which is pretty much what we do next - get you out amongst clients so that you can start applying what you have learned!. Of course, this is always under the coaching and leadership of experienced team members who know how important their role is in helping you move up the steep learning curve. We see this on-the-job training as being critical to your development.

After that, there is a programme of regular technical training on different aspects of the audit process as you gain more experience as well as technical updates. In addition, we provide training and coaching on the interpersonal skills necessary to be a friendly, effective and respected professional by our clients.    

As you progress into more senior roles, the technical training focuses on the most difficult aspects of the audit and there is additional emphasis on developing your coaching and leadership skills using both in-house and external specialist resource.

Professional Qualifications Support

We know how important attaining your CA qualifications is and therefore take our role seriously to support you along the way. As well as of course paying the relevant fees, we use a series of facilitated workshops to share ideas among the team and help you learn. We use some in-house expertise we have with NZICA’s professional competency programme to help make sure you are at your best at exam time, but also importantly, are continually growing as a professional. As a firm, we have been involved in the development of the CA programme and have people involved in delivering and marking the programme.