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What better way to kick start your legal career but at one of New Zealand's top commercial law firms? Starting as a Law Clerk at Russell McVeagh, ensures amazing support as you transition from a student to a fully-fledged lawyer. 
Because we understand it's a huge change from being a uni student to a full-time employee we have a fantastic induction and training programme to support you the whole way through. Some of the ways we do this is providing mentoring, constant learning and development opportunities, and encouraging you to make your mark on the wider legal community. We get that it's time for the real world – so we're here to help you prepare (hello, financial literacy 101!). 
Before you even step into the office, you'll be supported to complete your professional's course (with many of our clerks choosing to do this whilst traveling overseas). You're induction will also get the chance to get to know your cohort in a relaxed, informal setting before you start full time work.

You'll be placed in two teams, and given the opportunity to work alongside the best lawyers to gain hands-on experience with real work from the moment you join the firm. 
Every new joiner is allocated a buddy to show them the ropes and ensure a smooth transition to work.  Your buddy will be someone in your team who started the year before you, so they'll remember exactly what it was like to be in your shoes. No question will be too small or strange (sometimes it really is important to know how many pieces of free fruit you're allowed to take). 
We're proud to say that Russell McVeagh has been the start of many brilliant careers. The experience and training we provide is internationally recognised, and many of our staff choose to work overseas at some of the world's top law firms, before coming back to join us. In fact, one of our newest partners, Kirsten Massey, was in London for almost 15 years before rejoining us in 2020. 
For more information about our law clerkship programme, check out our website