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The Ryman Graduate Programme

The Ryman Graduate Programme is a two-year rotational programme of work placements, education and improvement projects designed to support a small group of graduates to learn about Ryman while creating a pipeline of highly capable future leaders for the organisation.
During the programme, each graduate will complete three placements in three different Ryman departments (i.e. office, sales, village and construction), with at least one rotation being in one of our villages or construction sites. Each rotation will see a graduate work in an established position, while also delivering a role-specific improvement project and completing relevant on-the-job training. The graduates will also undertake a package of tailored education throughout the programme.
The programme is designed to give graduates the business knowledge and training they need to become a future leader at Ryman. It will also expose them to every area of the organisation, so they can decide on the team that will suit them best at the end of the programme.
Our graduate programme is open to graduates from any discipline or study area and the programme will be tailored to the individual, ensuring rotations are in areas of interest to the graduate. 

Why choose Ryman after graduating?
  • A competitive starting salary
  • All the benefits of a Ryman team member
  • A formal education programme
  • Structured on-the-job learning opportunities
  • A chance to help deliver interesting projects
  • The support of a dedicated mentor
  • Work for one of Australasia’s most successful and fastest-growing organisations
  • Guaranteed a full-time subject expert or leadership role following completion of graduation programme

Applications for 2020 are now closed.