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At Simpson Grierson we pride ourselves on being a firm of specialists and innovators. We work with many of New Zealand's blue chip companies and government organisations. Our clients are building New Zealand's future – our job is to find smart, innovative, forward looking people to turn their dreams into reality. Sound like you?

We are on a mission to help bring New Zealand into the future: we are embracing digital transformation; we work on some of the biggest deals in New Zealand; and we are incredibly client orientated.

You'll no doubt want an idea of what a summer clerkship at Simpson Grierson looks like. From day one you will be involved in real work with real clients, and you will find yourself working with some of the most respected lawyers in New Zealand on major projects.

We offer summer clerkships and graduate programmes in each of our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch offices. When you apply, please select the option that is most applicable to you.

In our opinion, it would be hard for your summer clerkship not to be one of the best summers of your life! We would love to help you #createyourfuture.

Areas of Expertise 

Simpson Grierson is structured around four different departments:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Litigation
  • Resources and Infrastructure

Within each department we specialise in a range of areas of law.


Maximise your knowledge

Kick start your career by taking advantage of our exceptional professional development programme.

Join lawyers from across the firm in our wide range of masterclasses, seminars and workshops on topical and tricky legal issues. We help you fulfil your potential by delivering comprehensive training sessions which will allow you to deep dive into areas of law you never knew existed and hear how our experts navigate those areas.

As well as the technical legal training, summer clerking also involves a ton of training in technology, personal brand, business writing, file management, and other business skills you’ll need when you enter the workforce. 

People like you

We believe it’s easier to get a grasp of the Simpson Grierson experience through the eyes of our people. Here’s what our most recent summer clerks have to say about their experience. 


Taha Brown: Simpson Grierson is full of intelligent, vibrant and eccentric people who really make it an incredible place to work. Having worked in both the Corporate and Construction teams, I have come across a wide range of work that has broadened my perspective of what life is really like as a commercial lawyer. While sometimes you can be thrown in the ‘deep end’ on a job, there’s always someone there to guide and support you. The most rewarding part is when your team genuinely values your input and opinion!


Tamara Wimsett: Summer clerking at SG has been so much more fun than I ever imagined. The work is varied and stimulating and it’s been amazing to see the practical side of law in action. Everybody I have met is friendly, sociable and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. They also come across as intelligent and hardworking people who are passionate about their jobs and who I have already learnt a lot from. The environment is extremely supportive and you are provided with a range of tools and training to help you learn on your feet.


Dania Alsagoff: Summer clerking has been a completely different experience to being at Uni, in the best way. It’s great to see for yourself whether this is the career path you want to take, and the various differences within legal areas. Clerking in the corporate team has been both as I expected and completely unexpected. Everyone was really nice and worked really hard, but made time in their day to check up on you and explain things to you. It has been a very enjoyable experience meeting everyone and a great segue to make the shift from law school to life after.


Sal Lennon: Over my summer at SG I learned far more than I ever have in a classroom or lecture theatre – I felt part of the teams I worked in, was challenged and stimulated with the work I was given and as a result, felt proud of my contributions. Perhaps most importantly though, I got to see and understand how the law effects clients. I put my experience and learning entirely down to the people at SG – there are so many skilled and experienced people and not only that, they are all incredibly welcoming and extremely generous with their time. In sum - an inspiring introduction to my legal career!


Nick Johanson: “Morning teas at Simpson Grierson are phenomenal. The variety and quantity of food on offer means it’ s better termed an early lunch. That’s not all. Simpson Grierson is the only top tier law firm to have viewing decks. These make for great lunch spots, and really add something to the Friday night drinks. The work itself is also stimulating. I find it inspiring to be involved in teams with highly talented and skilled practitioners. Everyone is willing to provide guidance and support. A great way to spend the summer!”

Diversity and Inclusion

We are very well known for our work around diversity and inclusion.  We encourage you to bring your whole-self to work as we believe that diversity enhances our business.

We were the very first business in NZ to be awarded the Rainbow Tick and we won the White Camellia Award for gender equality in 2017. At SG there is a 0% pay gap between males and females. It’s been this way for four years.

For us, diversity is not just about the differences that you can see such as gender or ethnicity, but all things that make us different such as our social background, values, religion, thinking styles, life experiences, family backgrounds and talents. That's what makes people interesting.

It doesn't matter to us what school you went to or who your parents are. To us, there is no right or wrong side of town. Your sexual orientation doesn't matter. And if you are a mature worker, we'll embrace you just as much as we would our young guns.

What we do care about is your ability to give great client service, no matter which role you are in. 

Our values say it all. We:

  1. put people first;
  2. are inclusive; and
  3. strive for excellence.

It's that simple.


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