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Are you looking to experience the accounting profession in a leading nationwide firm?

Staples Rodway is an Accounting, Tax, Audit, Corporate and Business Advisory firm, with offices in Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga, Taranaki, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington and Christchurch. We are part of the Baker Tilly International Network, which includes Pitcher Partners in Australia and firms in 147 countries.

We have been around for over 70 years and strike a great balance between being big enough to give you interesting client work and the opportunity to learn from the best; and being small enough that you are more than just a number.

We're big enough to offer interns a variety of work, a broad range of opportunities and you can gain specialised knowledge in areas of particular interest to you.

We want interns who will fit our culture. If you are someone who will work as part of the team, is a life-long learner, friendly, ambitious, passionate and motivated, then apply today.

You will need to be in your penultimate year at university to apply for an internship position. Our internships are paid and based in our Auckland office.

Application procedures

For further information about us, please visit our website.

Applications open Friday 22 February 2019 and close Sunday 24 March 2019.




"My internship experience was the perfect motivation I needed to finish my degree. The fast transition from the casual university student to the 9-5 life was an exciting, challenging change of pace.

In terms of choosing a firm, I was looking for one which had work-life balance, that cared for their employees and the community. For me Staples Rodway fit this description.

During my internship I was given a supportive working environment that consisted of a wide variety of work allowing me to see how my University papers were relevant and apply the skill set I had learned at University. As an intern, you are working on the same projects you would be as a grad from day 1. This can be a steep learning curve but you have the support of a buddy to guide you through.

Staples Rodway’s culture is easily explained through the term “it’s all about the people”.  They promote work life-balance through offering a wide variety of opportunities such as social club events (Holey Moley, Staff Picnic, Christmas Party), sport teams (Soccer, Netball and Touch) and office lunches on Fridays to get to know your team and the other departments.  The BAS Team specifically has an inviting environment where achievements are celebrated every week. In the BAS team we interact directly with the directors and managers on a first name basis. We attend team trainings on new standards or soft skills and are integrated into the BAS team like a zip, feeling like we were always here.

I have enjoyed my Internship at Staples Rodway and I’m excited to see what my future with Staples Rodway will bring."


Ashleigh Whitmore
2018/19 BAS Intern

"The summer internship at Staples Rodway was an enjoyable and unforgettable journey. Although it could be considered a short period of time, the exposure to the real world in this profession and being an auditor was exciting. I had the opportunity to meet clients and contribute to the team on a wide range of tasks. Staples Rodway provided an environment to gain practical knowledge from the real workforce that I did not learn from textbooks. This experience gave me a representation of what my auditing career would be like.

Throughout the internship, the work had been a steep learning curve and sometimes involved challenging tasks. However, I was able to enjoy the toughness through working alongside a supportive and experienced team. I was never alone but was surrounded by those who were always willing to help and guide me. The team always genuinely responded to questions I had and I have learnt so much from their wealth of knowledge.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be an intern. A summer internship at Staples Rodway has been priceless and I look forward to what my coming years as a graduate will bring working at Staples Rodway."


Eddie Oh
2018/19 Audit Intern



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