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Ako Mātātupu: Teach First NZ

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Accounting Arts and Humanities Engineering Information Systems Teaching Science Mathematics Computer Science Māori & Pasifika Linguistics

Criteria for Candidates

At Ako Mātātupu: Teach First NZ, we are looking for outstanding individuals.
Our participants do not start out as qualified teachers - in fact, they come from a range of academic disciplines and backgrounds.
To meet our eligibility criteria you must:
  • Hold New Zealand Citizenship or a Permanent Residency Visa; 
  • Not hold a teaching qualification;
  • Have a Bachelor's degree in any subject, with 4 papers in:
    • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science) 
    • Mathematics 
    • Technology 
    • Digital Technology 
    • English 
  • OR: Have a Bachelor's degree in any subject, and be proficient in: 
    • Te Reo Māori
    • A Pacific Language

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Jobs at Ako Mātātupu: Teach First NZ

Ako Mātātupu: Teach First NZ
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