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  • Do you want to help build a more sustainable, inclusive and progressive Aotearoa?
  • Do you share our vision of higher living standards for all New Zealanders?
  • Are you forward-thinking, inquisitive and eager to learn?
  • Are you ready to be part of a programme that inspires, challenges and develops you?
  • Do you enjoy and have the capability to work with numbers?

Working as the government's lead economic, financial and regulatory policy advisor, the Treasury works with public sector agencies to help the government of the day make informed decisions on a wide range of areas.

Graduate Streams

The Policy, Performance and Advisory Stream

The focus is on improving New Zealanders’ wellbeing through policy advice and helping prepare the Governments’ annual Budget.

Treasury Graduate Hannah

Hannah: Graduate Analyst, Natural Resources

“I’m the Vote Analyst for Environment in the Natural Resources team. Part of my role involves supporting the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) with financial management processes and working with MfE through the Budget. Outside of the Budget cycle, I work with MfE on their policy proposals and provide advice to the Minister of Finance on the financial, economic and regulatory implications. The Treasury is a great place to start as a graduate, as you get to look right across government. There’s such a broad range of work going on around the organisation and so many opportunities to get involved in different policy areas”

The Macroeconomist Stream

The focus is on improving New Zealanders’ wellbeing through utilising macroeconomics and fiscal policy, modelling and research, and forecasting.

Treasury Graduate Carlos

Carlos: Graduate Analyst, Forecasting

“What attracted me to the Treasury was the strong economics focus and it being at the heart of the public sector. I am part of the Forecasting team and my area of work relates to forecasting inflation, interest rates, and exchange rates. Actively monitoring and modelling developments in my sectors of the economy allows me to get a broad sense of where the economy might be going. During the Forecasting round, we visit various businesses around the country to ask people on the ground what is happening with the economy, what challenges and successes have they had, and where do they think we will be in a few months. It’s a cool opportunity to test whether our forecasts are reflecting the reality experienced by New Zealanders”

The Capital and Commercial Stream

The focus is on improving New Zealanders’ wellbeing through utilising the Government’s commercial and financial assets.

Treasury Graduate Eva

Eva: Graduate Analyst, Commercial Infrastructure and Urban Growth

“My role as a Relationship Manager can involve meeting with executive teams of State-Owned Enterprises or Crown entity companies to discuss their finances, policy and strategic direction, and then communicating the outcomes of these discussions to shareholding Ministers. If you desire a career that matters not just for yourself, but your community and New Zealand as a whole, where you can collaborate with other passionate individuals from a range of diverse backgrounds, you belong at the Treasury!”

Our Graduates

A Treasury graduate is someone who can both progress the small details of a day-to-day role while remaining focused on the big picture – raising living standards for all New Zealanders. Our graduates are conscientious individuals who:

  • Can successfully adapt to an ever-changing political and economic environment
  • Driven to enhance own personal and professional development
  • Have the capability and enjoy working with numbers (all our graduate roles work in the detail of the numbers that influence policy advice)
  • Build trusted, collaborative and constructive relationships
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, for a wide range of audiences
  • Are critical thinkers and have analytical ability
  • Are broadminded, inquisitive and harnesses new, and innovative ways of working and thinking
  • Value diversity and demonstrate inclusive practices
  • Have personal integrity, sound judgement, and an honest and ethical approach

At Treasury, we remain committed to employing people who represent the New Zealand community in which we serve. We value diversity and are interested in working with graduates from all walks of life, including academic disciplines, backgrounds, locations and life experiences. We want you to share your unique perspectives and bring your whole self to work.

Our Treasury Graduates are all advisors, data analysts, researchers, accountants, advocates, representatives, students and teammates.

For information on how to apply, visit our website treasury.govt.nz/about-treasury/careers/intern-opportunities/applications.

If you have any questions, please email grad.enquiries@treasury.govt.nz.

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