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Internship Programme

Our Intern Programme

Applications are currently closed! Our intern applications will be open from Friday 10 July – stay tuned for more information!
·       Do you want to help build a more sustainable, inclusive and progressive Aotearoa?
·       Do you share our vision of higher living standards for all New Zealanders?
·       Are you forward-thinking, inquisitive and eager to learn?
·       Are you ready to be part of a bespoke 12-week programme?
·       Have you completed your first year of tertiary education?

 As a Treasury Summer Intern, you will enjoy a specially designed intern programme, a supportive environment and a project that hones your technical, research and data analysis skills - building your future career capability. We look for interns from a wide range of academic, cultural, and social backgrounds.Working in one of our policy teams from mid-November until early-February, you will get first-hand experience and exposure to what we do, and how we do it. Unlike other internships, the work you do will be directly related to the priorities of our agencies, the New Zealand Government, and our wider New Zealand community. The exact nature of your work will depend on your background, experience and interests, in addition to your team placement and project scope.

Michael: Graduate Analyst, Health
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“I was interested in how the Government makes its big trade-offs, how it determines what is valuable, and what we should focus our attention on. During my time in the Treasury Summer Internship, I undertook a research project looking at the quality of jobs and how we measure that learning from international examples. The Treasury Internship Programme is the best kick-start to your career whether you want to go into the public or private sector. It is so precious to have a view across the whole government system and across society”

Even though you are with us for a short time, we want to make sure you have a memorable experience – for all the right reasons. While you are focusing on a technical or research project, our 12 week programme ensures that you are offered as many additional opportunities as possible.
These opportunities focus on three key areas:

Welcoming You
Your intern cohort will connect with one another other well before your first day at the Treasury! You will also be introduced to your manager, supervisor and buddy gaining some insight into your project, as well as the team you will join. We want to make sure you feel supported, excited and enabled from day one. Once you arrive, there are various induction activities that aim to bring you into the fold, give you an overview of all areas of the organisation and make you feel welcomed (your first day will begin with a special Pōwhiri).
As a Treasury intern, you will receive specific development opportunities that focus on your short – medium term needs. We provide a personal project supervisor and team buddy, offer various educational workshops, and aim to give you as much experiential learning as possible.

From sitting down with our Chief Executive to attending the Intern Welcome Day: Spirit of Service at the State Services Commission (SSC), we make sure that you are constantly growing your network. Going back to our Māori proverb, we know that our most valuable asset is our people – so we try to connect you with as many diverse, knowledgeable and insightful people as possible.

Our Interns

A Treasury intern is very similar to a Treasury graduate – the only difference is our interns are still enrolled at University and are therefore on fixed-term agreements. Like a Treasury graduate, a Treasury intern is someone who can both progress the small details of a day-to-day role, while remaining focused on the big picture – raising living standards for all New Zealanders.
Our Treasury interns are conscientious individuals who:
·       Can successfully adapt to an ever changing political and economic environment
·       Driven to enhance own personal and professional development
·       Enjoy and have the capability to work with numbers
·       Build trusted, collaborative and constructive relationships
·       Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, for a wide range of audiences
·       Are critical thinkers and have analytical ability
·       Are broadminded, inquisitive and harnesses new and innovative ways of working and thinking
·       Value diversity and demonstrate inclusive practices
·       Have personal integrity, sound judgement and an honest and ethical approach.

At Treasury, we remain committed to employing people who represent the New Zealand community in which we serve. We value diversity and are interested in working with Interns from all walks of life, including academic disciplines, backgrounds, locations and life experiences. We want you to share your unique perspectives and bring your whole self to work.