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The Treasury Internship Programme 2020/2021

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2 weeks ago

Application Open

31st Jul 2020 09:00am

Application Close

16th Aug 2020 11:55pm

Treasury Summer Intern (2020-2021)

Are you ready to be part of a programme that builds your future career capability?

  • Do you want to help build a more sustainable, inclusive and progressive Aotearoa?
  • Do you share our vision of higher living standards for all New Zealanders?
  • Are you forward-thinking, inquisitive and eager to learn?

The Programme

As the government's lead economic and financial advisor, the Treasury works with public sector agencies to help the government of the day make informed decisions on a wide range of areas.

As a Treasury Summer Intern, you will enjoy a specially designed intern programme, a supportive environment and a project that hones your technical, research and data analysis skills - building your future career capability.

Working in one of our policy teams from mid-November 2020 until early-February 2021, you will get first-hand experience and exposure to what we do, and how we do it. Unlike other internships, the work you do will be directly related to the priorities of our agencies, the New Zealand Government, and our wider community. The exact nature of your work will depend on your background, experience and interests, in addition to your team placement and project scope.

About You

We are interested in candidates from a wide range of academic, culture, and social backgrounds who:

  • Are driven to enhance their own personal and professional development
  • Enjoy and have the capability to work with numbers
  • Build trusted, collaborative and constructive relationships
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, for a wide range of audiences
  • Are critical thinkers and have analytical ability
  • Are conscientious, curious and broadminded
  • Value diversity and demonstrate inclusive practices
  • Have personal integrity, sound judgement, and an honest and ethical approach

What we offer

  • A personal project supervisor and team buddy, various educational workshops, and aim to give you as much experiential learning as possible.
  • Fantastic exposure to a central government agency with interesting work that influences the lives of New Zealanders.
  • The opportunity to work in a team that is focused on development, constructive debate and collective impact.

We are committed to representing the NZ that we serve and aim to build a diverse and competent cohort of interns from many different academic disciplines, backgrounds, locations and life experiences. We want you to share your unique perspectives, ideas, thinking and bring your whole self to work.

For information on our intern programme and what it's like to work at the Treasury visit: treasury.govt.nz/about-treasury/careers/intern-opportunities

We do not read cover letters or resumes when screening applications for our intern programme. Please take your time in completing all sections of the application, providing as much information as you can to assist us when reviewing your submission.

Applications are open from Friday 31 July 2020 to Monday 16 August 2020. If you have any questions or would like to find out more please contact Jessica Clarke, Programme Advisor at grad.enquiries@treasury.govt.nz