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The Toll Graduate Programme is about developing future leaders across our operations. You will gain experience across our three company divisions: Global Logistics, Express Services, and Global Forwarding.  This means working in either Warehouse, Transport, Intermodal, and Specialised services, Express services and Freight Forwarding.  We want graduates who see a future within our industry and want to grow their careers with us.

Logistics is not for everyone; our graduates can work shift work depending on which site they are located at, and will be learning from the ground up.  For example, in Global Logistics you could be based at retail, consumer, healthcare or industrial site and be exposed to areas such as:

What are we looking for?

We want to make sure our graduates are the right fit for our organization.  Our ideal candidates will be curious, able to step out of their comfort zone and not be afraid to ask questions and speak up.

Some of the capabilities we are looking for in our graduates include:

  • Interpersonal savvy – you need to be able to relate openly and comfortably with diverse groups of people
  • Communicates effectively – be able to develop and deliver multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences
  • Customer focus – have the ability to build strong customer relationships and deliver customer centric-solutions
  • Action-oriented –  be able to take on new opportunities and tough challenges with a  sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm
  • Safety is at the core of everything we do, our graduates need to have a strong safety focus
We accept candidates from all disciplines with a focus on:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Business / Commerce
  • Engineering
  • Science and Mathematics