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Engineering Environment Planning and Surveying


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Tonkin + Taylor Programme

Working at T+T

Year 1

  • Fieldwork
  • Traveling around the country
  • Minor design work and calculation checking
  • Graduate in house training courses
  • Attendance at site and client meetings with the PM
  • Preparing reports (investigation, design)
  • Desk studies to gather quick data about a potential site

Year 2

  • A chance for international field work
  • Liaising with contractors
  • Chance to get onto big projects (i.e. Waterview tunnel)
  • Attend meetings as T+T representative
  • Prepare invoices on smaller projects
  • Writing proposals for potential jobs

Year 3

  • Client liaising, T+T rep on site and client meetings
  • Shadow project manager work under the supervision of the pm on the job
  • Organize and manage smaller projects
  • Detailed design work
  • Invoicing on larger projects

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