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Who is Transpower?

Transpower is the State-Owned Enterprise that plans, builds, maintains and operates New Zealand’s high voltage electricity transmission network – the National Grid – which links generators to distribution companies and major industrial users. The grid, which extends from Kaitaia in the North Island to Tiwai Point in the South Island, transports electricity throughout New Zealand.

In the role of System Operator, Transpower manages the real-time operation of New Zealand’s electricity system. The System Operator keeps the right amount of energy flowing – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Electricity flow on the National Grid is controlled from our two control centres in Wellington and Hamilton.

The System Operator also manages the wholesale electricity market. Transpower does not generate or retail electricity but provides a coordination service to the electricity industry whereby it schedules the production of electricity from all power stations, monitors the entire network and ensures the security of the New Zealand electricity system.