About Trustpower

At Trustpower we're always looking for talented people to join our team. If you're keen to work with an innovative and highly successful bunch who challenge themselves, take up opportunities to develop outside of business as usual, enjoy collaborating, sharing knowledge, and learning from others... then you could be our next team member.

We’re one of the largest companies on the NZX and with our head office in the sunny Bay of Plenty, you can swim, surf, or stroll along the beach before or after work.

Other offices are dotted from the far north to the deep south – with our second largest office in Oamaru, along with power stations and hydro schemes in the most stunning locations in New Zealand.

Our Offices

Our offices are designed around the concept of Activity Based Working (ABW); a creative way of working which promotes flexibility and enables collaboration. The layout is open plan with lots of cool areas to work in, so there’s no “tied to the desk” attitude in our workplace.

Trustpower Staff Benefits

As much as we're a team, we're also individuals - with our own personal priorities, goals and ambitions. At Trustpower, we understand and respect this. We want to support you in every way we can, so we provide a diverse range of benefits that help you balance your own lifestyle and needs with your work commitments.

Benefits Wheel v2

Here at Trustpower, we are driven by a strong set of values:


Passion: For superb customer service.

Respect: For each other, our shareholders and all other stakeholders.

Integrity: We do what we say, and we say what we do.

Innovation: We find smarter ways to do things, in order to produce improved and sustainable results.

Delivery: We deliver with "attitude". We be ourselves, and we always look to create positive and lasting relationships.

Empower: We take responsibility and play our part in making Trustpower more successful, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.



High School

Research careers and companies

First year of tertiary study

Attend careers and employer events

Second to last year of tertiary study

Apply for internships and research graduate jobs

Last year of tertiary study

Apply for graduate jobs and programmes or consider post-graduate study

Offers jobs to students studying

Business and Commerce





South Island