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About Vista

At Vista we love cinema - we live it, work it, breathe it. Our purpose is to enhance the cinema experience for all.

Designed and developed with love, insights, and innovation, Vista Cinema is the global market leader for cinema management software. Our software is installed in cinemas in over 90 countries. Our love of cinema is evident from the innovation of our products through to the service that we provide to our global community of customers.

Good things with good people

We are an inclusive, vibrant workplace with a culture that values individuality in all things.

We have a proven history of dynamic career paths, so you can shape your own to be unique and fulfilling.

Our HQ is in Auckland, NZ, and we have offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Beijing, Cape Town, London, and Mexico City. Added to that, our business partners in Singapore, India, Pakistan, Japan, Canada, and Ukraine support our customers and our growth.

We are a New Zealand company and our market is, and always has been, 'world'​. There are opportunities to travel the world visiting client sites and working in our international offices. Vista truly is a global community.

  • 40% market share worldwide (20+ screens)
  • 600+ staff worldwide
  • 8 offices across all continents (we are still working on Antarctica)
  • 49,000 screens worldwide with our software

Help build the world's best cinema technology. Innovation is at the heart of the company; everything we have built simply didn't exist before. We develop our people too - with training and mentoring to build skills, roles and careers.

Vista. For the world's best cinemas.