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Our Culture & Values

Our Culture & Values

Life at Vodafone is fast and we believe we have a culture like no other. We do things the Vodafone Way. We are ambitious, customer obsessed and innovation hungry. We work with speed, simplicity, and trust.

Forget what you know about big corporates, we’re not your everyday workplace. We hot desk which means sitting somewhere different every day. We have laptops and smartphones which means we can work from anywhere, anytime, even from home.

Our people have the freedom to enjoy the true meaning of work/life balance. We don’t expect you to be here from nine to five, but we expect you to deliver what you said you’d deliver, so if that means heading off at 3 pm on a Friday to avoid the long weekend traffic, go for it. We don’t believe in wearing shirts and ties and our CEO doesn’t have an office. It’s a relaxed environment but we do things fast and we do them well.

We encourage people to be the best version of themselves at work.