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Join Our Graduate Development Programme 

What does your four-year career plan look like?
Will you be registered in your field? Have the right mentorship, resources, and experience to lead projects of your own? Will you be a member of NZ’s national engineering community? Or, will you be steering a global committee of your own?

What if all the above was possible...?

Kickstart your career with our Graduate Development Programme

WSP Opus’ structured four-year development program supports graduates towards developing their full potential through registration support, on the job training, mentorship programmes, leadership opportunities and complete ownership of career direction and personal development.

Our program welcomes today’s graduates and turns them into tomorrow’s leaders. Offering on-the-job, in person and online support, 149 years of industry experience paired with global expertise. Most importantly you’ll have all the resources needed to design the job you deserve.

What if you can work anywhere in the world?

As part of working for WSP Opus, employees can apply to work in any of our 550 offices across 40 countries.  You could be involved in iconic projects like the London Shard, the Ain Dubai Ferris, Stockholm Central Station, and Zheng-xi High-Speed Rail.

Or, choose to work on the projects shaping New Zealand such as the City Rail Link, 65 Federal Street, Auckland’s integrated Corridor, Grey Base Hospital, Antarctica New Zealand, the Wellington Wind Farm, and the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

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