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Xero - 2021 Graduate Product Designer

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Qualification Requirements

Bachelors Degree


14 months ago

Application Open

16th Mar 2020 11:00pm

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24th Jul 2020 12:00am


data specialist

What we do

Product designers help shape our products. We understand how people use Xero, then we work with cross-disciplinary teams to build the most delightful and effective experiences. 

The product design team challenges assumptions and ideas to make the software helpful and easy to use. We work through ideas and designs with customers, engineers, researchers, writers, and product managers, and we prototype experiences quickly. 


We’re hiring both product designers and design researchers for the product design team.

  • Product designers think about the entire Xero experience, from tiny interface details to making our customers lives’ better. We’re interested in how someone uses a design, not just the look of a button or screen. 

As a product designer grad, you’ll be responsible for designing the interface architecture, workflow, and visual design of our product. 

  • Design researchers plan, research, analyse, and share insights about the attitudes and behaviours of current and future Xero users. The design research team focuses on the problem identification part of the design process.

As a design research grad, you’ll develop research programmes, conduct studies, analyse results, and report back to product teams. 


What we need from you

You’ll be a great listener and able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. You’ll have an analytical side and a knack for crafting beautiful user experiences.

For the product designer role, ideally you’ll have a design degree, including digital, visual communications, graphic, industrial, interaction, and media design.

For the design researcher role, ideally you’ll have a degree in a relevant field such as design, anthropology, psychology, or any field with a research focus.


Both our product design and design research teams are looking for:

  • excellent communicators and team players

  • problem solvers who can take a logical, analytical approach while being user-focused

  • creative, agile, motivated and passionate people

  • people who like to question the status quo and take initiative


If this sounds like you, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.



How to apply

Applications for our 2021 grad program open on 4 May 2020 and we’re hiring in both our Wellington and Auckland offices.

We’ll need a copy of your CV, cover letter, portfolio and links to online projects, your website or Behance pages and anything else you want to show us. 

We’ll also need a copy of your academic transcript – we know it won’t be complete until the end of the year, so just send us everything so far.

In your portfolio you should include examples of a few projects you’ve worked on that you’re proud of, including some web or app projects. 

We want your portfolio to:

  • show how you have identified and solved problems with design

  • explain some of your design process

  • show how users interact with your design, using InVision or a video of the interface

You need to be a citizen or permanent resident to apply. We’ll need a copy of your passport and/or visa for a start date in Feb 2021.


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