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The TaLK Scholarship 2021/22 - TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) 27th Generation scholars at Public schools in Korea

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2 months ago

Application Open

1st Apr 2021 08:00am

Application Close

31st May 2021 12:00pm

The Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) Program invites young, adventurous college students and recent graduates to teach English to elementary school students living in the rural areas of South Korea. Funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the TaLK Program aims to cultivate a strong desire to learn English through the use of innovative and engaging classroom teaching methods designed by our own scholars. While teaching, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the many facets of Korean culture and find time to travel to distinct regions of the Korean peninsula. TaLK is the perfect program for those who aspire to lead the next generation and who seek to gain personal and professional enrichment through teaching.

Job descriptions:

  • Teach English in the elementary school(s) designated by the POE during the term of scholarship.
  • Prepare teaching materials and activities for English language education.
  • Assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities organized by the school, the POE or the community.

Teaching Hours:

  • Monday through Friday, an average of 15 teaching hours per week
  • (not inclusive of preparation and commute times)
  • Class schedule is subject to change based on the school's needs.
  • TaLK scholars may be assigned to more than one school.
  • TaLK scholars are expected to show up at least an hour before class instructions to prepare for their lessons. Class preparation, time at school between lessons, and the commute to and from school are not considered overtime.

Opening Date:
Late applicant is considered for the next entry after the closing date

Closing Date:
9th, Sunday, May 2021 for the entry of August 2021

Online TaLK Application

  • All program applicants are required to complete an online application (Parts A&B) by creating a TaLK (My Page) account on the TaLK Web site HERE(Please try with explorer if chrome doesn’t work)
  • A registered, valid e-mail address and password are required to access the online application form. 
  • Following the form submission, applicants can view or check the status of their application by logging in to MY PAGE.
  • Once the application office starts the initial screening process, changes to the application cannot be made.
  • In case of any technical difficulty, while completing the online application, the forms can be downloaded, completed and sent via e-mail to talkkorea@korea.kr. 

In the rural areas of South Korea

Scholarship Term: 
The current offered scholarship terms are 12 and 6 months in length, with the possibility of future extensions.

  • 12-Month Term: 1st.August. 2021~31st.July.2022 
  • 6-Month Term: 1st.August. 2021 ~ 31st.January.2022.

1.    Monthly Stipend (*subject deductions such as taxes, school meals, etc.)

Payment of the monthly stipend - a fixed amount of 1,500,000 Korean Won (KRW) - will be provided starting at the end of the first month that scholars teach.  The month of orientation will not be financially compensated, but instead, housing, training and meals will be covered by the TaLK Program.

2.    Settlement Allowance (one-time payment)
A fixed amount of KRW 300,000 is given generally within one month after arrival at the elementary school.

3.    Housing or Fixed Monthly Rent
The POE will decide the type of housing for each scholar. Monthly housing settlement (a fixed fee of KRW 400,000) may be provided instead, if a scholar wishes to make his or her own housing arrangement before his or her arrival in Korea. Any fees, charges, taxes and expenses incurred in using the apartment shall be borne by the scholar.

4.    Entrance Allowance & Exit Allowance
Entrance Allowance:  Will be provided to the amount of 1,300,000 KRW once for all TaLK Scholars within the first 5 months of the contract term.
Exit Allowance:  Will be provided an additional amount of 1,300,000 KRW once only to TaLK Scholars who have completed one consecutive year or longer with the TaLK Program.  The exit allowance is not provided to those who complete the shorter 6-month term.

5.    Medical Insurance Coverage
All TaLK scholars are provided the Study Abroad Health Insurance Plan during the first six months of the TaLK scholarship period. Each POE reserves the right to choose the type of insurance plan for their TaLK scholars and the scholars must adhere to the decisions made by their POE.

100% reimbursement is not applicable under the Study Abroad Health Insurance Plan. Medical insurance coverage does not begin until the school registers their scholars for an Alien Registration Card (ARC).
Following the first six months, TaLK scholars will be automatically subscribed to the National Health Insurance Service, as mandated by Korean law (effective July 2019). Scholars will be responsible for 50% of the premium, while their POE will cover the remaining 50%.

Application Office:
Korean Education Centre in New Zealand
Contact person: Annie Kim 09-303-2625
L7, 63 Albert St, Auckland CBD, 1010

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